What time of the day is it??

If the sky is still blue, where does this golden light emanate from? Where does this doorway lead to? Is somebody trying to confine the sun, but is unable to contain its brilliance? The Sun emits signals of its existence, and rays of hope to all those who need it. The Earth needs it, the Moon needs it to shine in the night. I am sure many other planets do. And the Sun just cannot shirk its duty.

And which supernatural force is that, trying to change the schedules of Day and Night? The world measures time with the movement of the Sun.

Aaaahhhh….  I get it now. This force is Time itself, telling the world that it is an Entity beyond the movement of planets and the Sun.

Time does not move around an orbit. Time is not controlled by the hands of a clock. Time is not a calendar or diary, or a table on an excel sheet. Time is much larger. It is the framework on which we etch our measly life stories, and dare to dream of eternity.

It is Time that is Eternal, while we keep moving on linear and non-linear paths around it. It is Time that controls us, while we scamper around trying to manage it. It is Time that smiles with all the laugh lines, when we claim to have stopped it with our anti-aging treatments.

Walk through this Doorway of Enlightenment, and discover the true nature of Time and the Universe. The Sun will heave a sigh of relief, to be accepted for its own strengths – Heat and Light, not a guard of Time.

Written for Gold Willow #writephoto by Sue Vincent


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