Reclaiming the Planet

Virus looked at the beautiful girl, and smiled. How badly did he want to hug and kiss her, feel her creamy, smooth, flawless skin, and …….  change the landscape forever?

Yes. The landscape had changed, and Virus was trying to breathe again. Oxygen smelt so different from the nitrogen, that it was used to. He felt like he would melt in the heat, but Dr. Change had assured him, that he would live again …….. after a hundred years under the snow, buried in tombs, encased in dead bodies of human beings.  How incredibly stupid are these human creatures, who have destroyed the gifts that Nature bestowed on them! They had succeeded in conquering the ancestors of Virus, and laying it to rest several years ago. His descendants breathed their last at least 40 years ago, in 1977, and the world had not heard of them later. Scientists claimed that smallpox has been erased, and human faces would remain forever beautiful, with a little cosmetic care.

His friend, Methane knew better. He was confident of their release from the cryogenic frozen world of Siberia. There were stronger forces in the world than them – called Ignorance and Evil, which poisoned the minds of human beings. And they created the circumstances for the release of Methane and Virus. The ocean was warm beneath them, as the icy layer that held them captive disappeared gradually. They were seeing the world above, with all its brilliant idiosyncrasies. Did he use an oxymoron? Within a few years, he would banish oxygen, and mock the human morons. After all, it was forty times more powerful than its close cousin, Carbon and could easily asphyxiate the inhabitants of this planet.

Virus looked at Methane, and both moved ahead with confident strides. At last, they had reclaimed the planet.

Inspired by  Prompt #1960 The Lurking Danger of The Writing Reader



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