“Can I meet the sculptor of all these masterpieces, Genie?”

You have brought me to the Valley of Existence. All these faces carved in stone, with their frozen gaze fixated on me, scare me out of wits. These are my faces from the past – emanating from various reincarnations. They smile when confronted with lovely memories, and mock me at my monumental failures. They remind me of my insignificance, with their jeering and cheering expressions.

Your deeds are frozen in time.

You cannot go back to undo the damage, or reclaim the rewards.

Go back, create and recreate more.

Maybe, the Karma will absolve you of sins untold, and the repercussions of what you stopped short of doing.

He turned back to look for the tiny lamp and stone, which looked even tinier in the backdrop of these giant faces.

“Genie, let me meet the Creator of this Valley. Only that holy encounter will liberate me”.

The genie looked on helplessly. Here, she was as insignificant as her master.


Written for FFFAW – 96th Challenge



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