The Cage

Watch the bird in the cage sing

with a dream in her shiny eyes.

The spell of the melody makes it

a matter of time till she flies.


The keeper lets her go with awe

too mesmerised by the talent he saw.

He heard a song, saw a plea

In the eyes that asked for liberty.


He turned around and saw the trap

In which he had so ensnared himself.

Today, the mirror cast a different light

The shadows creating awareness of his plight.


Watch out, O World! here I fly

I am thunder, you are the sky.

Cutting thru’ the depth and blue expanse

I breathe and watch my soul dance.


Come again, my dear, to enthral me

mock the cage, and open our hearts.

Do not fear, you can just be

For both of us, life now starts.


Written for Weekly writing Challenge #69

Weekly Writing Challenge #69


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