The Mark

There was a time, when I could count on my fingers – the people who had made a mark on my life.

I remember some of them fondly, and I am reminded of others by nightmares of accusing fingers and caustic words.

I am not sure, if they have cared to remember me, or had ever intended to make a mark on my life.

Today, countless people leave imprints, likes, comments, shares, views, messages, engagement or whatever the social media platform prefers to call it.

How many of them think of me after that, and how many do I think about?

No mark on the psyche is indelible – just learn how to cleanse.


Written for Six Sentence Stories



  1. I am sure we remember those who have made a mark on our lives. Luckily with social media it is possible to catch up with those of our long gone past and find we are still linked after all those years.

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  2. These six sentences are filled with depth. I think forgiveness may be letting yourself move on. We learn from positive and negative “marks” of the people in our lives.

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  3. A very interesting note on the realities o social media and our ability via the Internet to come in contact with people from around the world and in all walks of life. Twenty years ago I never would have dreamed how many people I would come to know, most having a very positive affect, and those few who haven’t have at least been a learning experience.

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