The CEO leaned back on her plush chair with half-shut eyes, and muttered “It has been a tough year”.

Despite making record profits, the company image was shattered by a scandal, and several months were spent in damage repair, while still dangling on puppet-strings, struggling to maintain her balance.

She looked at the silver-framed mirror in the front, to check her carefully constructed expression, before the Board meeting.

The phone rang, and her friend’s (this was the last one left) urgent tone made her sit up, “Don’t say you were not warned. A move to sack you is being tabled in the meeting”.

HALLELUJAH …. She wanted to dance, but just about managed to walk with the decorum expected of a CEO.


Written for Patricia’s Place – In other words, Hallelujah

In Other Words, hallelujah



4 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. I think we have all had a moment like this. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have been there with her?! Great clip to illustrate the hallelujah moment. Thanks for sharing with In Other Words. Your story made me smile.

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