Is Power Value-Neutral?

The dictionary defines power as the

‘ability or capacity to do something in a particular way’.

Going by this, every living being possesses power of some kind.

  1. Physical power
  2. Knowledge power
  3. Power of hierarchy
  4. Special abilities either gifted by nature, or developed with meditation. These are often termed as supernatural powers. Actually, they might arise from awakening of certain parts of the brain, which are dormant in the majority of living beings.
  5. Power of wealth
  6. Power of information
  7. Power of research
  8. Power of a certain approach
  9. Power of experience
  10. Power of creativity

The comparatives drawn converted power to a sense of superiority over others. The definition then shifts to

‘the ability to do something better than others’.

It leaves each person free to develop and use their power in the social structure that they live in.

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