Navigating through life

The number of bird hits had drastically increased, putting a lot of lives in jeopardy. Pilots were sent for repeat safety training programs, and research was on to improvise the detection mechanisms.

The King of Ornithal, was equally perturbed. Several subjects of his kingdom had met with premature death, leaving behind orphaned babies to be fed and cared for. The warrior birds were intrinsic to the system, as they executed the onerous task of security. The Warrior Chief, Jack, was sent on a special mission to survey the aerial environment, and outline a plan to protect the birds.

Dodrio, the three-headed Pokemon bird was supposed to carry him across the skies. Dodrio was equipped to traverse across both land and the skies, with its enviable capability to run fast, fasther than it could fly. The King called Jack over for a discussion, before he took off on the mission.

“Jack, you know that Dodrio’s powers have kept the kingdom afloat for centuries, and his competence and finesse in his craft are beyond doubt. But you need to navigate in a manner,  to avoid attacks from the left and right.

Dodrio’s first head on the left represents Joy, second Sorrow, and the one on the extreme right is Anger. He is capable of regrowing them all, but at a different pace. Anger regrows at the fastest pace, and continues with its job of strengthening Sorrow and weakening Joy. The regrowth speed of Sorrow is average, but it does so with certainty. Joy is the strongest during its lifetime, but unfortunately, takes a long time to regrow, if slayed in battle. It is therefore, paradoxically, both strong and fragile.

It may appear plausible that you sacrifice Anger, as it causes Sorrow. Elimination of those two will allow Joy to prosper. But that will also weaken your defence system against the enemy. Anger is what makes you rise to protect your own interest.

Hence, use your wisdom in taking the enemy head on, and respond from your intelligence. Dodrio’s three heads are called Emotions, and though necessary, they need to be managed to win.”

Jack walked out of the King’s Nest, a wiser being.


Written for Prompt #1943 Visual Prompt – The Mythical Flight



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