Women — Stay Safe, Stay Empowered

The Nirbhaya rape case happened on December 16, 2012. 4 years later, one juvenile culprit walks free. One has committed suicide in the jail precincts, and two others have been allocated top-notch lawyers as defendants. In short, nobody has been punished or hanged to death.

A fund of Rs. 1000 crores was set up for women’s empowerment. It  lies largely unutilized, except for one project of setting up 166 One Stop Centers, to help women, who are affected by violence.

Do I need to speak further about the social, legal and political sensitivity to the issue? This was a high profile case, given the gruesome nature of the crime, and the social uproar that it had generated.

The sisterhood has no option, but to stand up for itself.

Firebrand feminism has not resolved issues. Be Sensible, be Safe.


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