The Writer’s Soul

I embellished the moss, painted pictures to cover the cracks, and made the neglected wall presentable to the world.

Yet, one more crack appeared, and I wondered, if the wall needs repair or a fresh coat of paint.

I am a writer, and the wall represents my soul.

Written for Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Six

Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Six

8 thoughts on “The Writer’s Soul

    1. Great! This is like the lines on an ageing face, giving it character. All Botox-ed faces look equally perfect. The way one dresses to conceal the imperfections create a unique style. Standard size models all look indistinguishable. But this is something one learns with maturity. Youth tends to imitate and fit in, rather than create a unique slot.

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      1. And to fit in was one of the things my parents taught me to avoid. They told me to laugh if i felt like it, not to suppress my surprise and to never be stingy with compliments. They taught me that it was a difficult road if you stood out, but it was also worth it!

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