The Blackout

Robert snatched the bottle of sleeping pills from Florence’s trembling hands, and tossed it out of the window.

“Look at that picture on the wall. It was clicked during the War.”

Florence looked at him with listless eyes. Neither life nor the picture made any sense to her numb mind.

Robert continued,

“Blackouts would cover the nation after sunset. Skylights and windows were covered with thick black paper.

If I cropped off the top half of this picture, it would not make any difference. But as you move closer, and your eyes get attuned to it, you start noticing the shades of black and grey, the various shapes embedded within, and the sources of light.  You start imagining the characters that live here. You develop the confidence to walk through the street.

A plane flying above could either bomb the location, or be a beacon of light. The altitude gives it an advantage.

Go ahead, and be that plane. Rise above the darkness.”

Written for FFfaw 93rd Challenge



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