She did not like the Christmas gift at first sight — the elegant black and gold contraption, shooting laser beams. It kind of contradicted its own beauty. However, she placed it at an appropriate spot in the house, not wanting to disappoint Aaron.

Their living room was done up in the same colors, but she had refused to let those extend into the inner sanctorum of the house.  She was a soft and romantic person within, totally yin. Her love for Aaron was an attraction of opposites. She could sense the attraction wearing off, after 9 years of marriage. But she could not give up the security blanket that enveloped her existence.

The sound of Jerome’s footsteps shook her from her reverie.

“Here is the first copy of my poetry book, “PINK”, dedicated to you for inspiration.”

“Congratulations, Jerome! I was about to call. Aaron has been diagnosed with cancer, and we are taking off to Germany for his treatment.”

“Oh! I am really sorry. I am only a phone call away, if you need help.”

“Sure. If I find you waiting till I return – maybe alone”.

Her voice trailed off. What a mixed year 2016 had been……

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction Dec 11, 2016





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