Goodbye, Son, if that is what you wish!

Though I wonder, what makes you turn back. The red and white soles on the shoes that you so fondly bought with your meager pocket money are just soles, meant to walk. Life needs well-oiled wheels to take you forward. Board the right train, or hitch your wagon to the right one. If you are lucky, you might find a co-pilot.

Don’t worry. I am not sad or depressed. For 22 years, your mother and I have known that this moment of farewell will arrive. We put in our best, fully knowing that it was not the best in the world. It was only the best that we had to offer.

Today, you take off to greener pastures, and we bless you with all our heart! Stay happy, wherever you are. This one moment when you turned back will forever stay etched in our fading memory.

Written for Daily Picture Prompt-7


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