Why should Coaching start early?


Being at home indicates a level of comfort, not a brick-and-mortar structure that provides shelter.

I love to be with like-minded people, who share my perspectives, or at least, do not disparage me.

I love the warmth of acceptance and easy camaraderie.

I love floating on similar wavelengths, running/swimming/flying/net-surfing to catch others, and have others follow me.

The ground that I run on, the waters that I swim in, the winds that help me fly expose me to several other worlds.

I will always work for the cause of the Homeless, as I have never had a Home.

Well, this is a creative piece with a strong metaphor running through it.


  • The ecosystems that I operate in, and the virtual domains that I skim through in a day, are my concept of home.
  • I am a global citizen, with international communication, being a part of my daily routine.
  • Virtual reality and Augmented Reality might take my life and thoughts to a different level.
  • My identity is defined by my digital signatures — user ids and passwords. Biometrics are my last link to the physical world.
  • Boundary lines extend and expand a little more every day, to accommodate my imagination and ambition.


  • Learning happens all the time, and through multiple mediums.
  • Learning is a self-driven activity. I only need facilitators.
  • Information is being thrown at me all the time, and I pick and choose from available information.
  • But this information is also structured, tailored and manipulated, yet, it constitutes my reality.

How will I see things from your perspective?

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