Walking out in the cold night

She walked out at midnight with her belongings, headed to an unknown destination, while slumber caught him, after a hard day’s work.

Her husband and the love of her life, loved her too much to leave her, and cared too much to fail on his conjugal duty.

The call was especially painful, as she was battling a terminal disease.

It was an act of Mercy.

From Her to Him – A Christmas Sercy of Liberation.

Written for Patricia’s Place — In other words, sercy

In Other Words, sercy…

6 thoughts on “Walking out in the cold night

  1. This was very well written, a story o deep thought. Yet I wonder if in leaving she deprived him of the chance to give her the very last gift, experiencing his love and caring until she took her last breath. I know this because my husband did so for her previous wife who died in his arms after a seven year battle with cancer.

    1. Thanks for sharing a touching story. You truly appreciate devotion of any kind. However, we die a little every moment, while watching a loved one inch closer to Destiny. And that is the pain that is intolerable for both.


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