The Forest

Son, this is how I had met your mother.  Her wide-eyed innocence and babe-in-the-woods appeal took me. I offered to love her, protect her from the big, bad wolves in the forest out there, and she appeared to be happy.

Life rolled on. We had a beautiful home, not too far away from the forest, and we had you to light up our lives.

I would often wake up in the night to find her looking out of the window. I realized later, that she actually longed for the forest. She loved the excitement of life there, and wanted the challenges that helped her move forward. She wanted to hunt, and devise strategies to dodge the hunters. She loved putting up a good fight, and emerge victorious. She was a lioness in spirit, just slumming around with me, to explore life outside the jungle.

I had to let her go. I could not contain her unending zest for life. And I had to live for you.

I can see that she left behind her spirit in you. You are exploring the jungles, and it appears that you have found another babe-in-the-woods. Or is it a tigress-from-the-forest?

I wish you a lifetime of love, my son! Just know the terrain that you are walking on, and master the techniques of survival. Be prepared to give, and to live …..  for yourself.

May you be the bridge that connects, the scale that balances itself and the medium that facilitates expression!

Written for The Daily Picture Prompt-4

Daily Picture Prompt 4

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