Another attempt at Haibun (Prose Poetry coupled with a haiku)

Did you say I am getting hyper about nothing? Have you ever seen the map of India? I see my country going up in smoke, and where is the top? Who is conspiring to hive it off?

This country has seen the Partition, and has been dealing with the repercussions ever since, both on the external and internal fronts. It remains embedded in our DNA. The emotions it aroused were never fully extinguished. They continue to simmer below the surface, and create a haze around logical thinking.

That is the smoke you see here. This emanates from minds and hearts, struggling to find a clear path. And vested interests play their role in generating more smoke. Clarity of vision will endanger their existence.

The future of kids

Up in smoke, till you act now

Posterity beckons.

Written for Smoke #writephoto by Sue Vincent

Thursday photo prompt – Smoke #writephoto



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