Being at home indicates a level of comfort, not a brick-and-mortar structure that provides shelter.

I love to be with like-minded people, who share my perspectives, or at least, do not disparage me.

I love the warmth of acceptance and easy camaraderie.

I love floating on similar wavelengths, running/swimming/flying to catch others, and have others follow me.

The ground that I run on, the waters that I swim in and the winds that help me fly, expose me to several other worlds.

I will always work for the cause of the Homeless, as I have never had a Home.



  1. This was powerful and beautifully written! I agree with your definition of what it means to have a home, and I can honestly say that I never truly felt that until I met my husband eight years ago at the age of 53. Home is a place of peace, security, understanding, encouragement and love. It isn’t what you have, it’s who you have in your life that matters. The same holds true when we define family.

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