The much awaited Pantone Color of the Year 2017 has been declared, and it is … GREENERY.

Young, fresh, vibrant, alive …. and all that goes with the theme. Those interpretations are going to dominate design discussions for the next few months. The fashion world will eagerly await the seasonal colors, with suggestions on the color combinations to be used.

Greenery poses more challenges than the ones we have worked with, in the last two years – the muted Rose Quartz, Serenity and the deep Marsala.


  • It may not go well with all Indian skin tones.
  • It may not flatter the fuller figures.
  • Its place in the makeup palette is limited to eye shadow (and only if your eyes are hazel or green).


  • It will be seen more on nail colors and accessories, than on garments.


A few striking pictures in interior design to see how the color picks up, when combined with other hues. The palettes are equally applicable to outfits.


The effect of the color is enhanced when combined with rose, grey, yellow, blue, black, peach or beige. And of course, red or crimson for the bold and bright



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