The Jade Corner

The Jade Corner was an enviable piece of eclectic interior design. Blake had managed to create a faux forest in his drawing room. The pyramid in between exuded an air of mystery. Was it a cave? Was it an alcove meant to display crystal? Or was it a stage for a live performance?

Blake was known for his extravagant bashes, and the celebrity performers that he could manage to engage. People on the ‘Who’s Who’ list awaited invitations. It mattered whom you saw there, and with whom were you seen.

Melanie let out a sigh, as she was overseeing the placement of lights in the Jade Corner, for the evening bash.  That is where she spent all her nights, locked up by Blake. He liked to remind her that though a successful actress, she was only a trophy for him – one that he could afford to buy, and put on display. The world knew her as the formidable Mrs. Blake.

Written for FFAWC  92nd Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge



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