The Long Winter

She looked out from the window, while waiting for her coffee. Snow had never looked so ugly, like fungus growing on the log of wood. It reflected the state of her relationship – cold, decaying and stale.

It was the 100th day of their separation. It was strange how she had never stopped counting. Calendars and clocks were so deeply entrenched in her life. Her appointments, deadlines and pending tasks always hung heavy, leaving no scope for romantic thoughts. She was always highly charged, wired for success, and obsessed with her career.

He was so intolerably laid back, who just idly gazed at her perfect face, with dreamy eyes, “Where are you rushing to?”

Yet, the chemistry was unmistakable. She had never met anyone like him before, and she did not know how to deal with this strange, unambitious human being. The novelty created a mystique around him, and she was drawn ….. deeply, helplessly and hopelessly. And that is what he had wished to see. The successful, high-profile investment banker in her sharp suit, awaiting his arrival in an obscure coffee shop….

Just like his brother had waited for her till his untimely death, and she had failed to turn up.

Written for Sunday Photo fiction

9 thoughts on “The Long Winter

  1. Love the ending some interesting detail put in in precisely the right place. Could be a romance, or she could be in trouble for what she did when her ex passed away.

    Liked by 2 people

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