Professionalism is very simply defined as

‘the competence or skill expected of a professional’.

A rather long-winded one comes from a website for small business

 “Professionalism is often defined as the strict adherence to courtesy, honesty and responsibility when dealing with individuals or other companies in the business environment. This trait often includes a high level of excellence going above and beyond basic requirements. Work ethic is usually concerned with the personal values demonstrated by business owners or entrepreneurs and instilled in the company’s employees. The good work ethic may include completing tasks in a timely manner with the highest quality possible and taking pride in completed tasks”.

However, this one includes a work ethic on the part of both employers and the employees, as an integral part of professionalism.

Certain apex professional organizations for doctors, chartered accountants, company secretaries etc. have defined and laid down the norms. However, ethics and professionalism in a corporate are hugely interdependent, and raises many questions on the implementability.

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