Cafe Gyaan – A Chat with Mukund Bhokarkar

We are in conversation with Mukund Bhokarkar, a Vadodara-based professional, who proposes to bring together the best minds in the consulting, coaching and training professions, through his initiative Café Gyaan.


Mukund, Thank you for your initiative in creating a forum for intellectuals. I have been thoroughly enjoying the discussions and bonhomie, for the past few weeks.

I have had a different observation on intellectuals, so far. There is no intellectual community as such. One sees islands of excellence, feeling smug and self-sufficient in their ivory towers, whereas the power-hungry join hands to create impenetrable bastions to protect their interests.

What is your take on this?


I have created this forum with a hind sight. Individuals with a shared pragmatic approach, that arises out of sheer experience and exposure; notwithstanding their educational background, intellect or smartness, shall come together. The idea struck, after I experienced two such communities in succession, prior to creating Cafe Gyaan.  I have opted out of one, and continue to be a part of the other. What I experienced at large was a prevalent stiffness, bordering on secrecy and silence. It was understandable, but also avoidable to an extent. Café Gyaan is a concept born out of that grail. We are still at a very nascent stage, and the ice has not been completely broken.

How and when will it happen? I don’t know. But it will happen for sure. Once everybody opens up to an appreciable extent, pretentiousness and inhibitions will fall on the wayside. We need time, maybe, a few months. And I know it can happen. It will. I have made it possible earlier.

We have members with a strong self-identity and image. The differences are superficial, and that is totally acceptable. Believe me, with passage of time, they shall bond. To give an analogy, once we become the organs of a body, we shall relate and grasp the possibilities of this group’s potential. At this stage, we do not even come close to being tissues. We are still at a cellular level.


What I hear you saying, Mukund, is that a random bunch of ideologies and intellects, will evolve into a productive force to be reckoned with. I am not sure, if this method will be close to evolution of groupthink, or cherry-picking the best to create a bouquet. What I do see is a potential to customize a product to suit the market, with the talent pool available. Social media certainly facilitates and speedens up interactions.

How do you think your initiative “Café Gyaan“ as different from regular entertainment groups?


As I said, Cafe Gyaan is different because of a thumb rule that I insist upon. Members will have an industry experience of minimum two decades, excluding the time spent in training and coaching. You must have observed, that neither do I encourage copy paste, nor sharing of  good morning/good evening messages. We have survived. Over passage of time, we will chisel our identity and create unique fingerprints. Gradually, we will eliminate copy/paste/share/forward messages completely. Only self-authored posts will be permitted. Its utility and worth shall then be self evident.

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