What do your stories tell you?


“Some double the stake

Some play blind

I just have a high card

I read people and their minds”.

There is a story running through our heads throughout our life, and it keeps changing. There is a mental house that we live in, and we keep shifting the walls, to accommodate our perceptions.

The stories that they told, and what I heard

  1. Malini, who was not particularly close to her family, revealed that she has always had an imaginary family she interacted with. It had 3 men from three different generations.
  • The first was a father figure who pampered her.
  • The second was a highly supportive guy in her own age group, successful in his profession, who was perhaps a friend, classmate or brother. There was clearly no romantic association with this guy, and his dedication to his partner was exemplary.
  • The third was a school-going child who was witty and brilliant, and looked up to her.

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Coverpic credit : 15andsomething.wordpress.com


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