Twists in Storytelling


I rarely read fiction, or watch fiction shows on television. I have not succeeded in writing a good story ever. But, I consider it to be a limitation that I need to overcome.

Hence, the interpretation by VR filmmaker, Jessica Brillhart, struck an immediate chord.

 “Story to me is a result of an experience. We filter out our experiences in order to better communicate that to someone else. So I make a film about something that’s happened to me or something that I believe has happened to someone and I represent that to you.”

This aspect of storytelling makes it so relevant to putting a point across – in an article, speech, video or training program. It creates an immediate connect with the audience, as each individual links it to an experience in his or her life. It fuels imagination, and ‘lights up the relevant neural pathways’ (as a brain scientist would put it). It creates a receptive soil, for absorption of further inputs, and flowering of new thoughts.

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