10 Dimensions of Victory


Social media has been on a party of Olympian proportions, in the last few weeks. Controversial comments, trolling, exposure, criticism, admiration and euphoria are all in full play. This is how a nation, society and culture pulsate, and one needs to watch closely to understand the prevailing mood.


We participate in a contest to win, to display our mettle, and gain recognition on a larger platform. Victory is meant to be celebrated. It would be shameful to ignore or downplay the herculean efforts of the participants, or the badges of honor received.

But different segments appear to have a different motive behind the celebrations. I felt compelled to examine the various aspects of something as simple as hailing a victory.

  1. Aspirational

The aspirants to a similar victory observe it closely, and celebrate a future star-spangled vision. They see themselves in every frame, every pose and every byte doled out by the winners.

2. Inspirational

The doomsayers who have never thought that they could, start seeing a ray of hope. If X can do it, why can’t we, or anybody on a similar quest? It suddenly validates the achievability of hopes and dreams, and alters attitudes.

3. Sectarian pride

Particular sections of the population, like women, a particular state or institution acquire a sense of participation in the victory. They are proud of someone of their own ilk, reaching the stars, or the coveted award, cup or medal. Expressions like ‘well-deserved’ mark the sentiment.

The three athletes who won accolades for the nation, all being women, have brought out all feminist issues in open forums.

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