What You Choose to ‘Not Be’



You are the Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With — Jim Rohn

I start listing down all the people that I have known since childhood – family, teachers, friends, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, clients and alumni of different institutions. And there I go in search of people who averaged me out.

  1. The Red List

I took a red pencil and crossed the names of all the people that I dislike. I choose not to think about them.

2. The Purple List

My purple pencil was reserved for the people I did not like, but needed for survival. I had to pretend to be cordial. There was no choice. Your boss and domestic help could both fall in this list.

3. The Blue List

Next, came a blue pencil to cross the people I do not actively like, but choose to interact with, being part of the same family or work set-up. Civility is the word here, not Need.

4. The Grey List

Then, I picked up a grey one, and just obliterated the cells. There were so many whom I neither liked nor loathed. I could live my life well enough, without them, and I do not see a need to acknowledge their existence.

5. The Black List

Now, I chose the thickest, blackest, darkest pencil possible, which could provide the highest degree of contrast to the white background of the template. These were the people I loved to loathe, but they lent meaning to my life, by juxtaposition. I have sworn never to be like them. They are the scum of humanity, but their existence highlights the ‘nobility’ of my existence. Maybe, they draw similar solace from my existence.

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