Why I Choose to be ‘Inspired’, not ‘Led’?


My dear friend, Sara Jacobovici (pronounced Yakobovich), inspires and influences me in myriad ways.

Last week, she suggested a sequel to the article “Why Leaders should not Compare & Contrast?”, by highlighting the value of self-awareness and what motivates us, and the significance of the ‘emulation’ factor. I was weary of entering the endless discussions on leadership, yet again. But I sure knew, what I would choose to follow or emulate.

A challenging week followed for me, in terms of ill health, heavy rains and traffic jams all causing the usual support systems to fall off.  While I was reading about flu shots and the spreading of the ‘influenza’ virus, Sara yet again, engaged me in another discussion on ‘imposed self vs. authentic self’. Here is what she said, and honestly, what I found challenging, but inspiring, in that unwell frame of mind.

“We act on our experience at the behest of the others, just as we learn how to behave in compliance with them. We are taught what to experience and what not to experience…”

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ReInventions Blog


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