‘Appropriate’ Authenticity


Brand experts urge new PM Theresa May to DITCH her penchant for thigh-high boots and racy dresses – and instead take style inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge

(Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Theresa May took over as the Prime Minister of Britain, amidst reports of the cabinet reshuffles, the challenges that lie ahead AND her sartorial choices. While being applauded as stylish, her personal preferences are not being seen as ‘appropriate’ to the office that she now occupies. I came across a remark that her animal print kitten-heels were suitable for a circus, not Parliament. They appear to be a personal favorite, based on the few pictures that I have surfed through. It remains to be seen, if she chooses to be ‘appropriate’ or ‘authentic’ in the corridors of power that she will inhabit.

Acceptability is the third angle

The remark from an Indian political figure, about ministers looking like ‘waiters’ in a suit and tie, on their visits abroad, is not far behind. Priyanka Gandhi’s appearance in the Indian Parliament, in a formal ‘black trousers and white shirt’ outfit was seen as revolutionary. Several politicians educated in the West, have felt compelled to adopt Indian attire, to gain acceptability in the eyes of the public. The leader who represents a developing country, but exhibits flashy attire is also castigated. It gets one classified in the ranks of the distant and insensitive, as Marie Antoinette or Emperor Niro of Rome.

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Appropriate Authenticity


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