Bit By Bit, Putting it together


George Bernard Shaw created history in repartee, in his reply to Ms. Isadora Duncan, who was proposing a union :

“I admit that I have the greatest brain in the world and that you have the most beautiful body, but it might happen that our child would have my body and your brain. Therefore, I respectfully decline”.

It was a fear of undesirable combination of desirable ingredients.

The Market of Life

Volatility in the financial markets endangers the stability of your wealth portfolio. Stable portfolios are built by combining high-risk and low-risk securities, in different value and maturity buckets. The best combination is one that neutralizes risk, at different points of time, and in different market conditions. Liquidity, yield and risk need to be in perfect balance. After all safety features are built in, timely action remains the key to success.


  • Our skills need to be on tap, to meet the challenges in life. This is liquidity.
  • Ability needs to be channelized in productive tasks, for maximum value creation. This is yield.
  • The probability of a situation, where talent is inadequate to meet larger forces, is the risk in life.

The Rainbow of Life

The Colors of the year are dictated by Pantone. Fashion designers add their twists to it, by giving out predictions for the season. Your personal consultant recommends a different set of colors to enhance your skin tone, and flatter your body shape. The skill lies in moving from a choice between looking Good or Trendy, to a combination of Good And Trendy .

The paper color wheel, with a central rotating lever represents the philosophy of life. Keep trying different combinations, against different backdrops, till you know what is right in both theory and practice.


The battle is all about putting it all together, bit by bit, piece by piece, to achieve optimum results.

“Bit by bit, putting it together…
Piece by piece, only way to make a work of art.
Every moment makes a contribution,
Every little detail plays a part.
Having just the vision’s no solution,
Everything depends on execution,
Putting it together, that’s what counts.”

― Stephen SondheimSunday in the Park With George

Life is 10% Fate, and 90% Response to Fate

Astrology is a controversial, but fascinating subject. Each planet is described as having a distinct personality, which represent certain traits in human beings. They are placed in different combinations in a rectangle with twelve houses. A change in placement is supposed to cause changes in a life or personality. Though human beings have no control on planetary positions, one is expected to devise required strategies, and build the required strength to combat the situation.

Personality traits in human beings are largely determined by their genetic make-up. All the characteristics are probably stocked there, but the selective play of dominant and recessive genes make you the person that you are. Your acquired traits and behaviour hold the power to alter the effect of genes. Maybe, the recessive genes get activated, while a few dominant ones go into hibernation.

Fire is a powerful force. If it is a destructive conflagration, a fireman uses water, blankets and mud to extinguish it. The result is damage control. The chef uses regulators to harness its power to the right extent. The result is the pleasure of delicious food.

The judicious use of personal power, in response to a person, moment or situation indicates the maturity level of a person. One needs to strike a balance between the different kinds of energy floating around. Thus, adaptability becomes the key to lead, to survive or to bring about change.

Defense, Offense or Collaboration?

How do I turn my piece, so that it fits into the puzzle?


Is life all about being on the defensive? Or is each person playing the same game?

Team of four puppets – palette CMYK

Moves and counter-moves define the course of life. Dynamism is the only absolute truth.

 “Dynamism is the theory that phenomena of matter or mind are due to the action of forces rather than to motion or matter” (Dictionary definition)

Be the Force. Be Life, don’t just live it.



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