Step out in Style


I bought a new pair of shoes, yesterday, and surreptitiously, stacked them away in the shoe closet, hoping not to be noticed by the man in my life. Not that silent look of askance again – Did you really need that ?  

How many of you identify with this household scenario ?

Shoes step out of the car, before you do.  Shoes are the first thing that are noticed for both men and women, but can literally, make or break a woman’s outfit. And no wonder, a major part of the ground floor in all shopping malls is occupied by the shoe and bag brands. That is the first bait to entice a woman, and keep her in for several hours.

Basic Footwear

We have grown up with the notion, that the minimum footwear requirement was :

  • One sensible and durable pair each of black, brown and white shoes.
  • Gold/copper/silver shoes for party wear
  • One pair of sneakers.
  • Flip-flops for holiday wear.

Well, that continues to be the minimum basic requirement, but so much more got added on. All the colours in the rainbow, nudes, boots, tassels, glass heels, gladiators, sky-high heels, embellished heels … and we  continue to await newer style introductions.

Good shoes are expensive, and only the divas can have them all. It makes sense not to get influenced or pressurized by style advocates.

Footwear Style Tips

The following  style tips should carry you through a lifetime :

1. Office wear

For office wear, closed shoes or shoes that cover more ( like peep toes, lattice designs covering the foot, gladiators) are considered to be good. While the rule stands for skirts, one can afford to wear open shoes with trousers or other outfits.

2.   The Shoe Fit

The grip that a shoe has on your foot is more important. No flip-flopping with flimsy shoes in the office, or making tic-tac sounds on wooden or marble floors.

3.  Show off designer shoes

I am all for fancy party wear shoes with embellishments on the heel or above. However, keep the outfit simple or in a solid color, to allow focus on the shoes, and avoid overcrowding of patterns.


4. DIY Shoes

Learn the art of embellishing old but comfortable shoes with paints, bows, crystals, ribbons to give them a fresh, glamorized feel.

diy shoes

5.  Style No-No

A total matchy-matchy look is a no-no. It helps if either the bag or the shoe, or both are in a contrasting or different color.


6. Coordinating with shoes

Match the bag or belt or jacket or lipstick or shirt, with colored shoes. It helps in creating a coordinated look, by carrying the color upward.


7. Footwear harmony

An overall harmony needs to be maintained, with appropriate shoes for rugged or fine fabric outfits.

8. The right shade of Nude

If wearing nudes, try to find a color closest to your skin color. They go well with outfits in all shades of red and brown, and any other outfit that does not find a match in the shoe rack.

nude shoes

9. Sheer magic

I prefer the sheer shoes to the so-called nude ones to match every  outfit. They are good enough to show off a well-maintained pair of pedicured footsies, color-manipulation with stockings or socks and lend a glamorized look with the slight sheen.

10. Reverse matching

Find the right outfit to show off a fancy pairs of shoes. The reverse matching with nail colors, shoes or bags helps in creating your weekly wardrobe plan.

orange shoes

11. Pop colors in footwear

Bright colors in  shoes and bags can be used to accentuate a neutral outfit. It is easy to get experimental with black or beige outfits. Blue, green, yellow, orange, fuchsia shoes can all be shown off to maximum advantage.

shocking color

12. Footwear planning

Comfort and affordability should remain key factors. No point in spending a fortune on a pair, that you use once in 3 years.

And yet ….

new shoes


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