Dressing on the ‘Plus’ Side- Part 2


Hope you had a good time exploring your wardrobe.

Let us see how can we put together various separates to create glam outfits for our ‘plus’ selves.

1. Creating a contrast

If we are combining a dark and light color, wear the dark color closer to the skin. It draws the eye in, and reduces the bulk. The lighter color can be added as a layer on top.

2. Lay it On

Layers conceal a lot of flaws in the figure, be it an Indian or western outfit. See how it can glam up a saree or skinny jeans.


3. Indian chic

Straight kurtas with straight pants are your best pals. Dupattas add bulk. Substitute them with a black-ayesha-takia-straight-pant-suit-sldae1011mrm-ustole, or drape them in a sleek style, not in voluminous folds.

4. Saree drapes

Dare to be a Chandni, and let the pallu hang loose on the side. It conceals the midriff, while displaying the glorious designs on the pallu.

blue sari

5. Star with the stripes

Wear Vertical,  Dream Diagonal and Hide the Horizontal. Chuck out all horizontal stripes and patterns from the wardrobe, be it a Kanjeevaram, Patola or Ikat.

6. Asymmetric Amour

Asymmetrics will carry the day and swing the night for you. The viewer’s eye moves zig-zag and misses the problem areas.

7. Party Pop

Lehengas or any kind of bottom can go with a sherwani top. Pull out your classic sarees, and convert them to these contemporary outfits.

long jacket lehenga

Happy Dressing, Diva ! You have more of everything.


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