Winter Blues


The mercury has dropped, and so have the moisture levels in the skin. Beautiful faces with dry patches on the cheeks, Dracula-like lines drooping from the corner of the lips, grey shadows on bright faces all convey a contradictory image. Beauty not lovingly tended to, meticulousness not extending to personal care routines and neglected babies — all show an appearance that does not match the level of competence that you vouch for.

Don’t let this happen to you. Do not create a dent in the image that you have carefully cultivated in all these years.


Beauty is the spontaneous expression of a harmonious mind, body and spirit. It radiates from within, and needs the right platform for projection, which are your face and eyes.

Do you not weave in contingency plans in your business ? Do you not provide for seasonal variations ? Do you not plan your seasonal wardrobes ? Is the home not geared to seasonal routines ? And what are you doing about your skin ?


Vitamins  and minerals  are non-negotiable. Take your daily quota of Vitamins A, B12, C, E and cod-liver oil. Zinc clears off blemishes. Evening primrose oil gives the necessary glow.

  • Vitamin A keeps your peepers glowing.
  • Vitamin B12 protects from
  • Vitamin C and cod-liver oil provide resistance against cold and flu.
  • Vitamin E and evening primrose oil provide the required anti-oxidants for a glowing skin.
  • Zinc prevents blemishes.
  • And each genie is available in a bottle, with the chemist. Just buy it.

Kitchen Kapers

  • Grind  bananas and strawberries with yoghurt, and keep it handy in the fridge. Mix it with face packs, or apply the paste directly on the skin. Get the glow !
  • Consume gooseberry (amla) juice every day. It provides Vitamin C, for the glow on your skin, and the resistance against a cold.
  • Use a carrot paste with honey on the skin.
  • A pack of egg-white with honey will stretch the skin, and eliminate fine lines. The honey is meant to combat dryness.
  • Coconut-milk can be combined with any pack for the skin or hair, for added softness.
  • Turmeric has anti-septic and healing properties.

Bathroom bubbles

  • Liquid soaps are gentler on the skin.
  • Gel bars are the next best bet.
  • Moisturize immediately, while the skin has not dried completely.
  • Use a deodorant, but layering of body sprays and perfumes may not be necessary. They do not get dissipated, as in summers.
  • Covered skin does not lose moisture, hence, dress with care.

Drama on the Dressing Table

  • Use the best of skin care and anti-ageing products that you can afford, in this season.
  • Glycerin attracts moisture, and hence, is your best friend. Mix a powdered Vitamin C pill, the liquid from a Vitamin E capsule and rose water with it.
  • Apply hyaluronic acid products (Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser is one of them), combined with Vitamin C ( Lakme and Body Shop have ampoules, that prevent oxidation of the cream).
  • Wheat-germ oil is excellent.
  • Lip balms should be kept handy all the time. They can be used in combination with lip-colors.
  • Heavy under-eye creams are needed, rather than gels or refreshers.
  • If your skin does not break out, coconut oil is magic. The 40+ group can also feel a tightening of the skin, the next morning.
  • It can be used as an eye make-up remover, shaving gel or as a substitute for any other cream. Coconut oil has healing and restorative properties.
  • If your skin tends to break out, mix coconut oil with baking soda, and dissolve it in a boiling water bath. Filter out the residue. The resultant gel works well as a cleanser for oily skin, and lends an unbeatable glow.

Seal the warmth and moisture in

  • Warm your clothes in front of a blower, or iron them, just before putting them on.
  • A warm bath followed by immediately donning your warmest attire, seals the warmth in, for sometime.
  • Have a cup of warm water, or green tea with honey and a slice of lemon, immediately after a bath.
  • Get into bed quickly, after application of all your beauty products.

Glow through winters, and present your best face forward. Cheers !


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