What Wikipedia does not tell you about Office Wear

You are Stylish, you are Professional , you are Unique. So is your office Nvironment , and the Konnect that you build with it.

2 circles inside a circle

Your SPUNK will show through the balance that you create with the 5 elements mentioned above.

The Style Scale cannot be divided into watertight levels or compartments. It is a continuum, and you can upgrade or downgrade by adding or removing some elements.

  • Working in IT or the creative fields ? Sharp and formal business suits are a No-No for gaining acceptability. You need to walk the thin line between casual and sloppy. A dishevelled look is not professional, even if you have worked late for 3 nights, or were catching 40 winks on your office desk. Just that casual trousers count above denims, and a tailored shirt counts above a round-neck   Rock a jumpsuit with a shrug. It keeps you warm, and reflects warmth and affability.
  • jump suitblue relaxed shrug
    • Working in a bank ? Is it all greys and blues, jackets and closed shoes ? Rock the reds, or don a dress. Do not be weary of prints, just team it with black to stay higher on the style scale.

    Add a dash of style with a reverse or side French manicure, or a scarf /brooch that lifts the look.

  • blue dressred n black reversible jacketdress n trousers
  • The 5 rules that Wikipedia does not tell you are about balancing the  Authentic and Appropriate.
    1. Body shape

    The attire should suit your body shape, not spill out of the HR policies or fashion blogs.

    1. Affordability

    It should suit your pocket. No more “50 Cents” celebrity style , which says that the cars and jewellery went back to the stores.

    1. Being YOU

    It should be an extension of your personality, not a super-imposed structure.

    1. The Show Case

    Your attire is a show case for your personal and professional identity. This is visual merchandizing at its best.


    It is as simple as being yourself, and as complex as crafting an image for the world. Revel in it .


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